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Partners: UCL Development Planning Unit & Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering; Camden Council

We ran a community engagement workshop in Kilburn Grange Park, London to test two of the characteristics of the Healthy Parks Framework: ‘Open and Communicated to all’ and ‘Welcoming and Inclusive’. This framework is designed to help park managers and residents better understand their own parks and plan healthy parks for the future.

Participation pictures

We engaged a diverse group of 34 park users who were residents, visitors and passers by. We learned about their experiences using the park. Children were encouraged to join through a fun drawing activity using giant colourful chalk.

“I appreciate that you took the time to ask us about our experience using the park. I did not realise how much this park means to me until today.”

Some participants shared with us how the park helps them cope with the daily struggles. For instance, the outdoor gym area is attractive to many, there is no need to pay a fee to exercise and this was essential especially with the rising cost of living in the UK. Similarly, the old playground area represents a safe space for mothers to meet and enjoy their time while their children play nearby.

Participation pictures

Such engagements contribute heavily to a truly impactful research project. Working with communities and giving them a platform to participate in research, enables them to contribute to decisions that affect their lives.

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