We are a charity that uses design and architecture to empower vulnerable children, youth and their communities. We achieve this through built and research projects, delivered using a participatory approach that engages local communities.

Our Approach

We work with communities to produce dignified built environments where everyone can take part in the creation of equitable, inclusive and sustainable communities. Through community engagement we build local human capacity that ensures our work has a lasting positive impact.

Participation is at the core of our approach. We believe that to generate sustainable and just interventions, people’s and children’s visions and ideas must drive interventions. This is why we developed context-specific participatory tools to meaningfully engage with communities in each step of a project cycle.

Researching local contexts and needs

Translating ideas into solutions

Sustainable procurement and implementation

Activation, ownership and management

Impact evaluation

Learning and dissemination

1. Researching local contexts and needs
2. Translating ideas into solutions
3. Sustainable procurement and implementation
4. Activation, ownership and management
5. Impact evaluation
6. Learning and dissemination
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Where We Work

To date we have implemented:


Our Team

We are a team of architects, researchers, artists, builders, educators, filmmakers and humanitarians. Our story began in 2014, when we supported refugee children in Lebanon by co-creating safer and stimulating educational spaces. Today, we continue to work with vulnerable communities to enhance the quality of their built environment and improve people’s wellbeing.

Our Trustees


  • Winner of the Inspire Future Generations Awards 2023 – Long Term Programme Category
  • Special Mention for the Real Play City Challenge 2020
  • Winner of the Participatory Design Conference Award 2020
  • Shortlisted for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2017-2019 Cycle
  • Bronze Winners of the Regional Holcim Awards 2017 Middle East Africa
  • Commendation for the ASF Award 2017
  • Lebanese Architecture Award 2016

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